Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was a whirlwind of family and good friends. Michael and Diane, Paul and Margo and Kenny and I enjoyed our dinner here, while Julie, Shane, Sara and Shawn ate at "The Common Man," in NH, but we all had dessert together. We had such a nice day. We even watched videos of the kids' vacation (swimming with sting rays). I'll stay on the boat, thank you very much. LOL!

I don't see my children on Thanksgiving, but they come for Christmas.

So, I was very organized and wasn't the least bit stressed, as I have been in previous years. I'd done quite a bit of prep the day before and set the table before I went to bed, so all I really had to do was make my bread. I LOVE to bake bread. There's something so therapeutic about kneading the dough! I made lovely knots out of the dough and brushed them with an egg wash. I really do have to remember to take more pictures of things like that.

By five-thirty my feet were up and I was lost in my Fauxbonichi!


1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a lovely time spent with family.
    But so nice that you were able to put up your feet and journal at the end of the evening :)
    Everything does go so much more smoothly and stressless with a bit of prepping the day before :)