Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My new bike!

Kenny and I went to L.L. Bean the other day to check out the sales. I love their sweaters and was hoping to get a couple more of the ones I LOVE in different colors. We walked in the door and I spotted a gorgeous bike. I HAD to have it! It's sort of a creamy, light aqua color - just beautiful. It's a hybrid, so I won't be riding over grass to pass people. Anyway, I took it for a test ride, had them put an odeometer on it and now I'm shopping for a helmet. We've gone out to Salem, twice. We had to walk the bikes down Essex street, because of the crowds. It IS October, after all. But we rode on to Salem Willows for our chop suey sandwiches and egg-rolls and our popcorn. No more ice cream, as I'm Vegan, but Kenny doesn't get any, either. Ah, yes. Summer on the North Shore, or, should say, Autumn It doesn't get any better than this.

I wore white capris (formerly known as pedal pushers), a cobalt blue linen shirt with 3/4 sleeves and my black flats with the silver beading.
LOVE these shoes! Kenny would prefer that I wear sneakers, as I've broken 4 bones in the last few years, but I put my foot down. hee! I do draw the line at flip-flops, though.

Next week I'll be away with Lisa. Yay! We'll be up in North Conway eating, reading, shopping, walking and, did I mention eating? Yeah, Bellini's!

Two days after that, Kenny and I will be back where I broke my left wrist - Key West. Yippee! We've already rented our bikes. They'll be at our hotel when we get there. No beach bikes this time. I don't do well with those. Hence, the broken left wrist. We'll rent kayaks and just relax. Can't wait to ride up and down Duval St again. Too bad we have to fly to get there. Waah...

Just completed a Christmas story. That was fun. I love typing The End. I've been anxious to get this story out of me. I'm pretty happy with it. Onward...

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  1. Love the bike!!! Love the shoes too :)

    Can't wait for out getaway too!