Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's Flashwords Time!

     Has it really been a year since I last wrote about my favorite contest ever? Yes, Flashwords is my favorite, not because I won it one year (heh heh), but because it's such a challenge. We have to write a compelling story of one hundred and fifty words using ten of twenty words taken from the titles of our guest speaker's novels - no easy task. My friend, Margo Carey, is a three-time winner! LOVE her flash fiction. Anyway, I waited until the last minute this year. I was hung up on writing a story to match a title I had come up with, but couldn't do it, so at the urging of my sister, I put my butt in the chair, put the title out of my mind and just wrote the story. Whew! 
     Naturally, I didn't like it when I read it the next day, but after reading it to my writer's group, I felt much much better about it, as they liked it very much, and I trust them.
     It's amazing how much work goes into putting a few choice words together in a way that gets you more bang-for-your-buck. For instance, "The young woman put down her book and yelled at him for being so rude." gives you so much less than, "The young woman slammed her book down on the table and yelled at him for being so rude." 
     I have also submitted the first fifteen pages of Book I in the Rosalie Chandler mystery series, for critique by a published author. I've heard from my author and we'll be meeting for fifteen minutes or so. Looking forward to that! 

     Till then ~

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