Saturday, April 9, 2016

A dream come true!

Years ago, I heard a song on the radio that made me feel so happy I HAD to find out who the artist was. At first I thought it was Buffy St. Marie, but later learned that it was Melanie. I loved her music so much I set out to learn all I could about her. She put into words everything I believed in, in a way that I never could. I got out my guitar and made it my business to learn every note of every song and sang my heart out - for years.

Last night, not only did I have a fourth row seat to watch Melanie perform with her son, Beau Jarred, I got to meet her as she signed my CD. I was in awe. At sixty-nine years old, she continues to perform with all her heart. She could have sung off key for all I cared - she was Melanie, and she was only a few feet from me!

It  didn't sound like an audience of baby-boomers, no sir. My petite sister can whistle as loud as any man. Men sporting white pony-tails held up their battery-operated candles for "Candles in the Rain" and we all sang back-up. It was a blast! 

A night to remember.


  1. So great!!! Only thing better would have been if I could've gone with you. But I was definitely there in spirit :) So glad you had such a night to remember!

  2. That would have been the cherry on top!!!

  3. So happy that you got to enjoy and meet your idol :)
    I know how happy and excited my daughter's are when they meet one of their idols :)

  4. Thanks, Tracy. It really was a thrill!