Thursday, April 7, 2016

I'm on a Roll!

     Five hundred thirty words yesterday, seven hundred twenty words today, what's happening? Who am I? What have I done to my lazy self? Ha ha… I'm writing up a storm and I'm thrilled. It's true that the more we sit down to write, the more words come to us. Even if they aren't all good words, they're down, they can be changed and fixed. It's a good feeling.
     I tend to work on my stories while I'm walking and I've been walking these days, so, there ya go! Besides, I have to work off this cupcake I ate in North Carolina. Oh. My. God. It was soooo good!


  1. I recognize that salted caramel cupcake...YUM!!!

  2. Ha ha… glad you enjoyed the rest of my icing!!!

  3. That looks so delicious..yumm
    We have had snow for the last few days…so no walking outside on those icy sidewalks for me :(