Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sparkles & Thighs!

As long as we don't hurt animals, children or the elderly, why can't we be just who we are? If we're okay with who we are, how much we weigh or how much money we have, why do we feel we have to be thinner, smarter, sexier or richer?

Instead of ads reading (Summer's coming, be sure your children are protected from the sun's harmful rays), I see, ( lose 5 pounds fast with this revolutionary new product; no exercise or dieting required ~ really). What's up with that?

Must a woman who has "paid her dues," so to speak, retreat from the shore because her body doesn't measure up to someone else's idea of what she should look like on the beach? If someone thinks sparkles are fabulous, shouldn't she feel free to wear them without the fear of being ridiculed? Sparkles are not my preference but I so admire anyone who wears them ~ just because.

Bottom, love, be happy and generous of spirit and the world will be a better place.

As we say in Boston ~ latah sistah
...until next time

~ Dianne

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  1. The reason why people think that they have to be thinner and smarter and richer and things is because they are afraid of showing their real selves.I think people should not be afraid is because everybody is great nomatter who they are. If there is someone that you like or are friends with and they call you fat and usless and are ugly, they are not good for you.In other words, never wast your time with that person because they are not worth it. Who cares if you dress this way or that, you dress the way you want to dress or how you want to dress. Never have another person destroy your life when you are the leader of your life.