Monday, June 15, 2009

Dance 'till you're giddy!

What feels better than finishing a piece of writing that you've been agonizing over(After ice cream, of course)? Dancing. Any kind of dancing. Ballet, belly, hip-hop or just plain jumping around. Dancing is so liberating. Just throwing my arms out and twirling around acting goofy is enough to do the trick. Of course, your feet must be bare! You must be in a position t feel the energy coming up through your feet and slowly floating up, through your body. There is really nothing quite like it. But, wait until you put on the costume. Wowza! The silky feel against your body, the weight of the skirt as it twirls around your ankles and the shimmer of crystals and sequins. What was it Virginia Woolf said about a woman having a room of one's own? Yes, you can dance in it, too.

~ 'till next time ~ Dianne

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