Monday, October 15, 2012


It's Flashwords time again??  Wow, a year goes by pretty fast.  I'll be scribbling like crazy for the next few days trying to write a whole story in 150 words.  I'll have to use 10 out of a list of words from the titles of books written by Joseph Finder, our guest speaker.  Flashwords is something I look forward to every year at CrimeBake.  I love the challenge.  The top three stories will be read at the conference.  The prospect of having a story read in front of all those people is so exciting.

CrimeBake is coming up very soon.  November 9 - 11.  It's a nice opportunity to meet new people and to get together with old friends.  My friend, Karen, will be there and it's always such a pleasure to see her.  We met in an online writing class about six years ago and have managed a meeting about once a year since then.  Looking forward to it.  I'll drive up with my friend, Margo.  We met a little over a year ago when we signed on to go to Seascape, a writing retreat in CT, and have also been friends ever since.

Life is Good.

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